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The Outsourced CFO: A CEO’s Selection Criteria

The idea of an outsourced CFO used to be an oddity.  No longer.

Since 2000 and the end of the IPO boom, companies have increasingly delayed hiring a full-time CFO until they faced a significant financial triggering event.  However, with rapidly changing business models and dynamics, companies are keenly aware that expert financial management is a requirement for their business and financial expertise must be represented on their team.

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In this step-by-step guide, you will learn:

The 3 Scenarios that demand an upgrade in your CFO talent and capability

The 16 Key Considerations of using an outsourced CFO vs. in-house

The 5 Rules of Thumb for successfully implementing an outsourced CFO model

The 7 Key Benefits from upgrading your CFO talent, including increased credibility with your Board, your employees and your suppliers

Finally, a rational, easy-to-understand selection criteria for outsourcing this key function in an all-inclusive guide.