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Successful TechCXO partners enjoy a special brand of independent executive life. The autonomoy and flexibility that  come with being part of TechCXO is unique in consulting.  This freedom is combined with comprehensive staff, sales and support systems and a collegial, collaborative collection of your peers.

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We believe our model to provide technology clients with highly experienced, C-Suite professionals who deliver strategic and functional consulting services is unique in the market.   Unlike other consulting firms that use a “farm system,” we are highly selective in choosing partners who can step in and answer our clients’ critical issues around obtaining capital, increasing revenue, entering new markets and improving margins.

At TechCXO, partners are doers who combine practical experience, comprehensive resources and best practices to deliver objective, high-value results.

TechCXO partners create value for our clients in every engagement by using our knowledge and experience to give clients new options and choices to:

  • Invest
  • Reposition
  • Obtain capital
  • Build market visibility
  • Increase revenue
  • Make acquisitions
  • Build sales channels
  • Enter new markets
  • Develop new products
  • Improve operating margins
  • Exit
Please ready more about The TechCXO Difference; how we support you; our recruitment process or look at some of our positions. You can also read more about our Services and Solutions for Finance, Sales, Marketing and Operations and in the Company Stages description.

TechCXO (video)

(Please NOTE: These videos feature clips from TechCFO, TechCXO’s predecessor firm.  TechCFO became TechCXO in 2012.)

Working with Entrepreneurs

The Ideal TechCXO Candidate


The TechCXO Culture

TechCXO Client Case Studies (video)

Frontier Capital
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Spectrum K12

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What makes TechCXO different from all other strategic and functional consulting firms, including well-known firms like Accenture, McKinsey, A.T. Kearney and Bain?

1. Our Partners’ Successful Experience at the C-Suite Level – At TechCXO our partners are the product. Other firms use methodologies and training to attempt to “grow” their consultants. While TechCXO has proven and effective solutions and processes, our model runs directly counter to the farm system paradigm. Frankly, we have a bit more hard-earned gray hair among our partners. Our partners have been inside tech companies at the highest levels and have successfully run Accounting & Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, IT and Operations as the senior executive in those disciplines. When an owner or client engages a TechCXO partner, they are engaging a peer who has been in their shoes and knows the path to success. We believe we are the only firm offering this level of expertise, experience, and focus in their partners.
2. Accelerated Time to Value – TechCXO partners are not observers, commentators or spectators. We are implementers. Doers. Clients quickly experience real systems being put in place that delivers results. And, because of our exceptional experience, we do these things very quickly. No hesitation. No equivocation. No guessing. As a result, clients experience very rapid time to value, which is critically important for technology companies.

Please read more about our history, our mission and values, and who your colleagues will be at TechCXO.


A career with TechCXO is not for everyone: it takes a particular level of confidence, experience, love of independence and practical knowledge. For the right person, our partners say this is the only career for them. Here’s our list of what you can expect and what we look for:

1. An Independent Executive Life – For TechCXO partners, independence equals fun. Our partners seek challenging assignments that exercise their talents without having to manage their own back-office responsibilities. TechCXO handles those issues.

2. An Elite Career – Elite means freedom, autonomy, influence with our clients’ principals, boards and executive teams on their most pressing issues, and the ability to be compensated commensurately.

3. Results with Impact – TechCXO clients engage us looking for implementable strategies, systems and solutions that transform their businesses.  Many of our clients are with younger technology companies facing fundamental business opportunities and challenges.   We also assist established, enterprise-level companies seeking fundamental improvements.

4. Flexibility – Frame, formulate and create with flexibility.   Our partners can quickly frame and codify issues and opportunities and formulate actionable plans.  As a TechCXO partner, you build your teams from available resources, consult with and draw from your peer partners and put together solutions for complex problems.

5. Accelerated time to Value – Because of our requirement that every TechCXO partner have a track record of successfully leading a technology company as a C-level executive, we build the expectation with clients that problems are solved quickly and economically. TechCXO partners are results-driven and not bothered by tight time constraints.


TechCXO’s infrastructure of back-office systems, branded solutions and processes, and marketing and sales support are at your disposal to help you do one thing: do the work you were born to do.

Our partners are entrepreneurial in their mindset and resourcefulness.  However, there are many administrative and support functions that are not central to delivering answers for your clients.   Our support is comprehensive and includes:

  • Equity/Profit Sharing
  • Back-Office: Accounting, AP/AR, billing
  • Marketing: Collateral, website, web 2.0 integration, eMail Marketing, integration
  • Solutions: Branded TechCXO solutions for Finance, Sales, Marketing and more
  • Sales Support: Dedicated, sales and business development executives for lead generation, sales and sales support

If you are interested in learning more, please send us a bit more information and we will send you our TechCXO Partner Orientation Guidebook (PDF)

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