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Our Product & Technology Practice provides expert fractional CTO and CPO services for both Investors and Corporate Leadership.

For investors, we perform technical due diligence on prospective companies, help portfolio companies get ready for technical due diligence (Transaction Readiness), and with our IT Board Advisory service, we serve as the investor’s advocate to ensure a portfolio company is accountable and on track from an IT and product development perspective.

For Corporate Leadership, we fix IT problems such as missed delivery dates, poor quality, excessive costs, and inadequate IT infrastructure (email, phones, internet, etc…).  In addition, we have product focused services to help launch your next product as well as to assess the viability of the market for your product.

Please see our complete list of service offerings below for more information or contact one of our Partners to learn how we can help you.

Problems We Solve

  • How can we perform comprehensive due diligence for an upcoming transaction?
  • How can we be ready for an upcoming technical due diligence that will be performed on us?
  • Why do we keep missing delivery dates?
  • What can we do to improve quality and customer satisfaction?
  • Why does it always cost so much more than we estimated?
  • Why don’t I ever have a clear picture as to where things really stand in IT?
  • How should we be leveraging outsourced and offshore resources?
  • How do we move to the cloud?
  • I need to fast track this new product launch
  • How do I know that we wont be the next victim of a security breach?
Service When Needed Description
Investor & Transaction Related Services
Investor Tech Due Diligence In preparation for a transaction where investor/acquirer is looking to ensure there are no major technical risks. TechCXO technology team will meet with key stakeholders to complete our Transaction Preparedness Checklist to identify risks in the following 5 areas of IT: Human Capital, Governance & Processes, Application, Systems, and IP / Licensing. We deliver an actionable, business focused report – not pages and pages of “geek speak”.
IT Board Advisor When the Board / Leadership needs some extra help setting IT direction and holding that team accountable An IT Board Advisor is a resource to the Board to help keep the IT team accountable. In addition to sitting in on board meetings, we will work with the CEO and CTO between meetings to help set IT direction, solve IT challenges, and serve as a sounding board.
Transaction Readiness In preparation for an upcoming investment in or sale of the company TechCXO technology team will meet with key stakeholders to complete our Transaction Preparedness Checklist to identify risks in the following 5 areas of IT: Human Capital, Governance & Processes, Application, Systems, and IP / Licensing. We will also prepare remediation plans.
Assessment & Turnaround Related Services
Fractional CTO Need experienced technical leadership but not full time CTO A Fractional CTO works with your management and IT teams on a part-time basis to handle the typical CTO responsibilities or to focus on a special project outside the capacity or expertise of your internal team.
Interim CTO / CTO Coaching In transition between CTOs or want to invest in current CTO to bring them up to where needed. A TechCXO CTO will fill the role of CTO for your company ranging from a few hours per week up to full-time.
IT Turn-around Plan Product delivery dates are being missed, functionality is not what is needed, quality is consistently poor, or internal systems are inadequate. A TechCXO CTO will perform a full audit of the IT/Product Development functions to identify any issues negatively affecting overall performance. We will then work with management and the IT team members to get to root cause for each of those issues and jointly develop a remediation plan.
Product & 3rd Party Services
Lean Product Launch When you need to get a new product launched ASAP and you cannot wait for your internal team. A TechCXO product team will oversee the product definition, positioning, development, testing, marketing, packaging, and rollout of your new product idea. We can do this with a fully outsourced team or a combination of outsourced mixed with key resources from your internal team.
Product Viability Assessment When you are about to develop a new product, enter a new market, or have an under-performing product. A cross-functional Marketing and Technology team will work together to assess the market opportunity, existing competition, and the product being offered to identify any go-to market risks and to make suggestions on positioning and additional features needed.
3rd Party Referral Network When there are other IT services you require and you don’t already have a trusted provider. TechCXO has an extensive network of vetted IT service providers.

Contact A Partner

Greg Smith, Managing Partner – Product & Technology (Atlanta)
Doug Levin, Partner – Sales, Marketing & Technology (Boston)