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Our Finance Practice partners counsel and guide tech companies from concept and start-up companies to early and mid-stage companies up to mature, $100 million+ tech firms.

We provide experienced CFOs and senior finance professionals to deliver project and part-time financial and strategic services to technology, life sciences and technology-enabled service companies.

Please see our service offerings below for more information or contact one of our Office Managing Partners or Partners to learn how we can help you.

Problems We Solve

Our Finance Practice partners act as your guides through your most critical decisions and functions for companies at concept/early-stage to mid-size to mature, $100 million-plus revenue companies.   Every one of our Finance Practice partners have successfully led technology companies as their CFO or most senior finance officer.

Our clients include angel, venture and private-equity backed tech firms, small cap public companies, rapid growth companies or companies with interim or complex project needs.  We answer these critical questions:

  • How do we increase our credibility with our Board, prospects, partners and suppliers so we look like a sophisticated, sound and integrated company?
  • What do we do to attract equity investors?
  • How can we manage cash better?
  • What accounting systems should we use?
  • How do we upgrade from general bookkeeping to build a real finance and accounting department?
  • How can we better negotiate contracts and agreements?
  • What is the value of our company?
  • How can we better manage our auditors and audit committee?
  • How do can we optimize profits and improve working capital?

We solve issues in the following areas:

  • Treasury & Cash Management
  • Equity & Debt Financing & Recapitalizations
  • Financial Management & Executive Leadership
  • Accounting System Selection & Implementation
  • M&A, Divestitures and Joint Ventures
  • Due Diligence Support and Analysis for Buyers and Sellers
  • Turnarounds & Restructurings
  • Building or Upgrading Your Board
  • Business Plan
  • Strategic Plans
  • Financial Models
  • Executive Presentations (for capital raising, M&A, etc.)
  • Internal Controls / Policies & Procedures
  • Accounting and Control Procedures
  • GAAP
  • SEC Reporting
  • Audits & Audit Committees
  • Contracts/Agreements

Services and Solutions

Our Finance Practice partners combine deep practical experience, comprehensive resources and best-of-breed practices to deliver objective, high-value financial and management consulting services for private, venture-funded and publicly-traded technology businesses through all stages.  See below for expanded explanations of our services, including Corporate Governance, Debt & Equity Financing, Financial Operations, Strategy & Business Planning, Transaction Supportand Specialty Services.

Corporate Governance

With the downturn in financial markets and the changes in expectations in corporate governance over the last several years, it’s never been more important for board of directors and management to embrace fundamental governance processes to maximize the probability of a successful business and exit. Our CFO Practice partners have extensive experience in advising and working with clients on establishing and working with board of directors and committees on these governance issues including:

  • Best practice policies and procedures
  • Preparation and board meeting protocol
  • Equity compensation plans and accounting issues
  • Establishing an audit committee and charter

 Debt & Equity Financing

Access to capital and the structure and negotiation of corporate finance, securities capital structuring and financing are of paramount importance to any organization. CFO Practice partners have experience in securing financing and bring an extensive list of debt and equity financing contacts to their clients.

Debt financing. Debt financing can make the difference in a business’ liquidity and delay or avoid the stakeholder dilution of equity financing options.   CFO Practice partners have experience and contacts with numerous banks and lending institutions including technology-focused banks, venture debt and subordinated debt financing firms.
Venture Capital. 
Venture capital has been the mainstay source of financing for technology businesses bringing managerial and technical expertise in addition to capital to the businesses in which they invest.  CFO Practice clients have secured well over $100 million in venture capital financing since 2004. Our relationships with both top-tier and smaller venture capital firms offer “warm” introductions for our clients to these capital sources.
Growth Capital. 
As businesses expand beyond the startup phase, access to growth capital is crucial for sustained growth.  CFO Practice partners are experienced in preparing a strategic financing plan, identify  potential funding sources, and help prepare the appropriate presentation materials, and make key introductions with our contacts in growth capital firms.
Private Equity. 
As technology businesses mature, business owners are faced with new challenges and circumstances that create opportunities for financing transactions such as privatizations, recapitalizations, industry consolidation and buy and build strategies.  CFO Practice partners have substantial experience in private equity financed transactions and contacts within these firms.
Initial Public Offerings
.  Accessing the public markets can provide an ideal source of capital for a business to fund expansion.  CFO Practice partners  have held leadership positions in dozens of public businesses and spearheaded several initial public offerings.  We have extensive practical experience in corporate governance and the preparation of registration statements necessary for entry into public financial markets.

Financial Operations

The financial operations of technology businesses can be complex and a distraction for entrepreneurs. CFO Practice partners and professionals bring the knowledge and expertise that help business principals concentrate on other crucial areas, avoid costly mistakes, establish credibility with stakeholders and create a foundation for growth.

Supervision. Supervising the daily accounting operations of a growing business can be difficult while trying to grow the business at the same time. The CFO Practice provides varying levels of accounting personnel to either perform these routine functions, or oversee existing staff to ensure appropriate financial posting and reporting.

Financial Reporting. Timely access to accurate, relevant financial data is essential to management’s and the board’s ability to run and oversee the business. Developing the right financial reporting processes and systems to support the growth of an organization, aligned with industry and GAAP reporting standards requires skill and experience.  CFO Practice partners and professionals bring extensive experience in the areas of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting and audit preparation as well as a wealth of industry-specific accounting expertise.

Budgeting. Developing a detailed budget to support managements plan for growth and measurement is key to establishing credibility with the board and investors.   CFO Practice partners  work with management to help build accountability with the team in setting a plan of record for managing the business aligned with its goals.

Treasury and Cash Management. Establishing banking relationships, designing cash management processes and working with stakeholers to construct and execute on conservative funds maximization guidelines allows a company to achieve the highest level of capital utilization.

Accounting procedures and Internal Controls. As business grows in complexity the accounting processes need to adapt and automate while providing the right control environment to ensure that business can avoid costly setbacks from procedural problems and weaknesses.  CFO Practice partners and professionals assist in implementing accounting procedures and internal controls best practices to support corporate governance.

Accounting Systems. As a business grows in size and complexity it will inevitably outgrow its accounting system.  CFO Practice  personnel have experience with a variety of financial and enterprise resource planning solutions and can assist management in the selection and conversion to the optimal solution.

FAS 123R. The partners in the CFO Practice have combined their many years of experience applying the rules of FAS 123R with an industry-leading SAS-70 certified software provider to offer a comprehensive package of services for the analysis and reporting of stock-based compensation.  The services include Black-Scholes or binomial lattice models, determination of volatility, expected-life and other variables, and full tranche-based valuations.  A complete package of reports is provided, supporting accounting entries as well as audit requirements.

Strategy & Business Planning

Successful businesses evolve from a sound strategy and business planning. CFO Practice partners are experienced in providing strategic consulting and advisory services for technology businesses at all stages.

Organizational Structure. Determining the right organizational structure for a business whether a C corporation, subchapter S corporation, LLC or partnership, can impact your ability to access capital and position your stakeholders for maximum financial success at exit.  CFO Practice partners  have experience in evaluating these organizational structures and advising clients on the costs and benefits of each.

Business model design. 
The operational viability and financial success of businesses can be significantly accelerated by the development and implementation of the right business model design.  Determining the appropriate go-to-market strategy including the right price for your solutions, licensing arrangements and additional revenue streams, and capturing that strategy’s relevant costs are crucial in developing the right business model. Understanding the effect that business model changes will have on your company’s operations is a critical component of optimizing your chances for success.  CFO Practice partners  have experience with many different business models in different industries, and can provide valuable insight into the benefits or pitfalls of the various choices.
Business Plan Preparation.
 Preparing a business plan can be a daunting task for anyone while leading a demanding business.  CFO Practice partners  are experienced in collaborating with management to develop concise business plans that effectively communicate the opportunity, market and competitive advantages, and growth strategy that will resonate with stakeholders.
Growth and Distribution Strategies.
 As a business moves past the initial revenue phase, determining the growth and distribution strategy becomes extremely important.  Developing channel distribution, referral arrangements, OEM agreements and international offerings introduce complications to a business that affects costs, margins, and capital.  CFO Practice partners can help navigate around the potential pitfalls that a growing business encounters.
Financial Forecasting and Modeling.
 Financial forecasting and modeling is a cornerstone skillset for TechCFO.  With more than 300 years of CFO experience including more than 50 years in public firms and hundreds of successful venture capital financing rounds, our CFO Practice brings deep experience in developing sophisticated financial models and forecasting best practices.

Transaction Support

Merger and Acquisitions. Mergers & Acquisitions are a cornerstone skill set for CFO Practice professionals. We understand the roles of the varied stakeholders — acquirers, targets, financial advisors, special committees, equity investors, private equity and strategic buyers – in connection with the complete spectrum of merger and acquisition transactions.  Services in connection with merger and acquisition transactions, include:

  • Assisting in transaction structuring, due diligence and target selection
  • Establishing or participating in auctions or competitive bid procedures
  • Negotiating transactions
  • Facilitating and implementing a broad range of financing alternatives
  • Due diligence preparation and support
  • Transition and integration services

Due Diligence Services. CFO Practice partners work with a variety of venture, private equity firms and our clients to perform comprehensive financial due diligence on target organizations for possible investment or acquisition.  Our services consist of detailed review of the target business’ historical financial information and additional procedures designed to assist the purchaser in their evaluation of the business, strategy, risk reduction, and development of detailed integration plans.

Specialty Services

Distressed Businesses and Turnaround Advisory. In today’s economy, business seems to be more challenging than ever and balancing growth in economic uncertainty can bring unforeseen financial and operational demands.  CFO Practice partners bring experience in helping management stabilize financial performance and develop a strategic plan that addresses challenges and opportunities.

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Transaction Support Services


For many technology companies, operational goals are often translated simply: improve efficiency and effectiveness. Sometimes that means doing more with less; other times it means balancing efficiency and systems with growth opportunities.

TechCXO Operations Partners focus on these primary areas to provide your business with what it needs: Services Optimization;  International Expansion; Process Improvement; Benchmarking; Turnaround and Restructuring.

Problems We Solve

  • How do we  optimize services?
  • How do we effectively and efficiently expand internationally?
  • How do we consistently drive better margins and process improvement?
  • What are meaningful benchmarks for our business to achieve?
  • How do we turnaround from our current position and restructure the business to move forward?

Operations Services and Solutions


For technology businesses that are striving to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, benchmarking is necessary to ensure that operation performance discussions are objective and based on peers and industry leaders.   TechCXO partners bring the experience and knowledge of best practices to clients to help identify the most promising areas for business process improvement to help clients develop and implement sustainable improvements in operational efficiency.

Services Optimization

Services and customer care are crucial elements to delivering value for growing technology businesses.  For services organization within a growing technology company, balancing the requirement of delivering projects on time and on budget at margin targets while delivering solutions that are designed to maximize value for the customer can the difference in the success of a technology business.

TechCXO partners are experienced in managing capacity, backlog, skill sets, methodology, and aligning the services offering around a comprehensive solution that is designed to drive customer satisfaction and financial success.  TechCXO works with our clients’ sales and marketing teams to ensure that the services value proposition is positioned for success in the sales process, differentiated and competitive.

International Expansion

Expanding business overseas can be a significant management challenge for the most successful technology businesses.   Identifying markets for expansion, determining the best channel, providing, developing tax strategies, and managing currency are just a few of the complex areas that our professional have deep experience with.  Working alongside management, TechCXO partners leverage their experience to assist your business with a comprehensive strategy and operational support in international expansion.

Process Improvement

Driven by innovation, technology business are in constant change due to growth, product life cycles and uncertainty in the global economic climate.    Sustainable process improvement drives performance optimization and long term shareholder value by enabling businesses to achieve with fewer resources.  TechCXO partners have experience in delivering process improvement solutions that help accelerate time to market, increase quality, improved responsiveness to change, and improve business performance and cash flow.

Turnaround and Restructuring

Technology businesses face an increasing number of challenges from rapid changes in technology, competition, and global economic uncertainty.   Balancing the operating expenses necessary to maintain the capacity to execute growth in an unpredictable market has the potential to create crises with operational and financial problems.  TechCXO’s operations practice offers critical assistance to business that are underperforming or in distress.  TechCXO operations partners help stabilize operational and financial performance by developing and implementing comprehensive cost reduction and working capital plans working with creditors and investors to reassure that the company is addressing the problems and implement changes to correct the course.

In restructuring engagements, TechCXO works with company management to develop specific plans for the execution of the turnaround process and advise management on lender and investor communications.  TechCXO partners can also serve in interim management roles when more hands on assistance is required to help guide business during periods of crisis or change to add valuable support to the turnaround process and restructuring plan.

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